3 Simple Things Your Busha Wallet Can Do

3 Simple Things Your Busha Wallet Can Do

Chibuike Eze

If you’re reading this, it means that You have either decided to download and get started using the Busha app or still speculating and giving thoughts as to why you need a cool indigenous green-themed app with three black strokes accessible 24/7 to trade cryptocurrencies(primarily).

What if that wasn’t all we had in store for you,  what if there was more to your Busha wallet that meets the eye than trading digital currencies. In today’s article, we highlight some of the super sidekicks supporting our main role play as a crypto exchange.

Trading Cryptocurrency (The Batman): As much as Batman loves Gotham city, Busha loves Africa even more. Our journey as a Pan-African exchange gave rise to creating an app that is not only seamless to use, navigate and trade digital money with, but also shares, teaches, and spreads information to parts of the African community where the gospel of crypto has never been preached.

With your Busha wallet, You can easily buy, sell, receive, send and exchange cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Tether, Ape, Tron, XRP, and many other coins.

Save and Earn (Here’s Robin!): In case you missed the official launch of our trusted supporting feature, Busha Yield in Q1, this is another good opportunity to re-introduce you to an amazing process of earning stable interest while saving using cryptocurrencies.

Your Busha wallet comes loaded with 2 unique digital assets- Tether (USDT) and USD Coin (USDC) aka stable coins, which have been tested and trusted by investors to beat local currency inflation and crypto market volatility.

By subscribing to the Yield feature on your Buhsa wallet, users can save in any of these 2 coins and receive up to 10% annual interest spread across one year. To make things even more fun, users receive daily interests, are free to unsubscribe at any time without charges, create separate savings plans, and most importantly, enjoy 24/7 security of their savings.

Recurring Buy (The Catwoman): She might seem like your dollar-cost average, which is exactly what she is. Recurring buy on the Busha wallet is a smart strategy that assists users in making automated coin buys based on their selected frequency rather than speculating market price movement.

Setting up automated recurring buy is a way to keep your nine lives in check, rather than jump off at every bear or bull movement.

With more features and products soon to be released, it is good to mention how easy it is to refer family and friends for an exciting N250 per referral.