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Chibuike Eze
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#Behind Busha: How Support is becoming the heartbeat of every fintech community with Dahunsi Akinleye

IntroductionSupport teams are becoming an integral part of the global tech community and for crypto enthusiasts here in Africa. In our conversation this week with Dahunsi Akinleye, Support Lead at Busha, we unraveled unique features that keep support teams fresh, human and customer-centric while navigating the crypto space. Dahunsi began

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Join Busha at the Africa Tech Summit in Nairobi

Busha is proud to be supporting the Africa Tech Summit happening Feb 23-24 in Nairobi. β€œThe Summit connects tech leaders from the African ecosystem and international players under one roof. Network with key stakeholders including tech corporates, mobile operators, fintechs, DeFi & crypto ventures, investors, leading start-ups, regulators and industry