Bushacrypto App - rebrands

Announcement: Company Rebrand


We are excited to announce that from today November 10, we are rebranding with a new logo and refreshed brand identity as a part of our efforts to ensure the continuing growth of Busha's brand.

We have kept our product name which you have come to love.

Even though our logo and brand identity are changing, our mission remains the same. We are on a mission to drive mainstream adoption [acceptance & usage] of digital assets in Africa, and we're looking to onboard the next million Africans into the crypto economy.

After careful consideration and hours of brainstorming, we came up with a refreshed mark and brand identity that we think conveys our values as a company: simplicity, speed, and people orientation.

before and after busha identity

Since we launched Busha, we have embraced a narrative of reliability and simplicity.  We do this while prioritizing empathy with our users, evidenced by the seamless and personalized experiences we consistently offer.

We chose a new logo that reflects a minimal and modern look. As with our name, our new logo mark is generic enough to reflect our ambitions to offer an all-encompassing suite of financial services, and we think it will remain relevant and notable even as our industry rapidly evolves.

We aim to continue to improve and offer our users better and more competitive services in the years to come. We are so excited to share our news with you and, there are even more exciting announcements heading your way — we are releasing an entirely new mobile app in a few days!

We pledge to offer an improved level of service, even better than the level you've come to love, and we would like to use this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for sticking with us.

If you have used the Busha logo in any marketing materials, please update them. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@busha.co.