#BreakingTheBias: Empowering Women To Drive The Nigerian Crypto Economy

#BreakingTheBias: Empowering Women To Drive The Nigerian Crypto Economy


We are thrilled as a customer-centric brand to announce that Busha is set to support three women from the community with N100,000 each to make an impact and fuel the crypto community with their stories and activities. Our belief in creating equal opportunities and greater inclusion is deeply rooted in our love for providing the best product features, services, and support within the community of traders and crypto enthusiasts.

At Busha, we believe that the crypto economy is not only a borderless tool for financial inclusion but also a gender-free community where both men and women build, transact and trade freely. Our mission to onboard millions of Nigerians into the global crypto economy has never been restricted to certain groups of people, socio-economic status, location, or gender. We see a future that leverages cryptocurrencies in creating a wider spread of financial freedom, wealth stability, and consistent growth.

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We want to create an avenue where passionate, creative, and technical women who want to make a difference can not only dream it possible but begin executing their set goals and ambition. These women must be able to show their workings, tell their stories, and proffer solutions that cater to the needs of the crypto/blockchain space across Nigeria.

Selected women will also enjoy sign-on benefits and full access to support from Busha and our community.

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