Busha List $BONK

Busha List $BONK


We're thrilled to announce that Busha has listed Bonk ($BONK), and trading is now open immediately on the Busha app.

What is Bonk ($BONK)?

$BONK stands as the largest meme coin within the Solana ecosystem, created by an anonymous team. Leveraging Solana's fast and scalable blockchain platform, BONK operates efficiently within the Solana ecosystem. Additionally, BONK initiated a significant airdrop on December 25, 2022, distributing 50% of its total supply to Solana users, including artists, developers, and active community members, as part of its community-centric approach. $BONK aims to become the "community coin of Solana," challenging the dominance of VC tokens by empowering the wider Solana community.

$BONK ranks as the sixth-largest meme coin by market cap and has witnessed a remarkable growth of over 3000% year-on-year. With a maximum supply of 100 trillion, $BONK currently has 65 trillion tokens in circulation as of mid-March 2024. Furthermore, $BONK adopts a community-driven model, delegating 15% of its total supply to the $Bonk DAO, where holders can participate in decision-making regarding the coin's future development and governance.


BONK is a relatively new token that may exhibit higher than-normal risk and price volatility. We advise users to conduct thorough research and exercise risk management before trading. Busha does not provide financial advice.


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