Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: Heartwarming Tribute to Fathers πŸŽ‰

Celebrating the Unsung Heroes: Heartwarming Tribute to Fathers πŸŽ‰

It's Father's Day 2023. So today, let's celebrate these unsung heroes together.

Boluwatife Akande

Who really is a father? Are they the underrated figures in our lives? Do they deserve more praise than they get?

We asked a few of you to share your memories with your father or father figures. Get out a tissue because these responses were heartwarming.

What is one valuable lesson you have learned from your father? How has it impacted your life?

"When you’re in the position to lend a helping hand, do it joyfully" β€” this was what I learned from my dad. This impacted my life because I reaped from the seeds he sowed into people's lives after he left almost 15 years ago. These people remembered how he showed up for them, and they did the same for his children.

My father taught me how to consider others. He made me realise how often we make decisions without considering how they might affect others. While pursuing our goals, we must remember that our choices can sometimes negatively impact those around us. We don't live life in isolation; we live it alongside others, so we should always consider their perspectives when making decisions.

My father also pointed out that we naturally focus on ourselves due to our instinctual wiring. For instance, if we were in a building about to collapse, our first instinct would be to save ourselves. However, there are moments when we must go beyond our immediate concerns and consider the well-being of others. This has helped me preserve a good name wherever I go, as I genuinely care about the well-being of others.

I learned how to be resilient toward success. I'm really outchea, believing that there's nothing I can't achieve.

What was a challenging/difficult situation where your dad played a role in guiding you or providing valuable advice? How did his presence make a difference?

My daddy left when I was just 7, but one thing he always emphasised was being the best in my academics. There was one time I failed a test and cried. I was ashamed to show him, but he knew I had a test. When he asked how it went, I burst into tears. He understood and hugged me till I felt better and told me that while it was okay to fail, what was not OK was to not learn from the given corrections. I’ve always remembered that.

There was a time I was under pressure after starting a new business, and it was bringing in less profit than I had hoped. My father explained that there are two types of growth, the vertical growth and the horizontal growth. He explained that horizontal growth is a phase where a lot of work is being done and no one can see the result just yet, and vertical growth is when you begin to see the impact of the efforts invested.

When rounding up secondary school, I needed guidance about what to study at Uni. My dad looked through my strengths and guided me. I'm so glad I chose that path because it has made me who I am today. It has made all the difference.

Share a memorable moment you had with your father. What made it special?

One I'll cherish most was when my dad showed up in school with lunch a few minutes before break time in Primary 4. Unfortunately, that was the last year I ever saw him.

We had gotten to school late that morning, but we couldn't get anything for lunch because he was late for work. So he gave my sister some money to get something to munch on as we hurried off. He later brought us stuff from Tantalizers β€” sausages, scotch egg and Lacasera Orange. Back then, that was my favourite. I was surprised because he never came around during school hours. So when I saw him outside my class, I was shy. He loved us so much and never held back from showering us with love and affection. I love him and miss him.

There are many experiences β€” like those times he did that sacrificial thing of letting me eat the only chicken.

I liked β€˜boy’ toys as a kid, but no one wanted to get them for me. So I begged my dad for a football. A couple of weeks after, he came with a ball for me, which started what would have been my football career, haha. Might seem trivial but it meant a lot at the time.

And so today, we stand in awe of these unsung heroes who have shaped us into who we are and continue to be a beacon of love and strength.

We sincerely thank all the fathers, father figures, and male mentors for the unconditional love, unwavering support, and invaluable lessons imparted. Β Let’s use this moment to show our appreciation for the fathers in our lives β€” whether it's a simple gesture of affection, a heartfelt conversation, or a shared moment of joy today and every other day.

To all the remarkable fathers out there, Happy Father's Day! πŸŽ‰

May your spirits be uplifted by the love and admiration that surrounds you. Today, we celebrate you, the unsung heroes who have profoundly shaped our lives.