Celebrating 5 Years of Busha

Celebrating 5 Years of Busha: Reflections from the Co-founder, Users, and Staff

Ebuka Mgbojikwe

As Busha celebrates its fifth anniversary, it’s a time for celebration and reflection on the journey and accomplishments thus far. In this special blog post, we delve into the insights shared by Michael, the Co-founder and CEO of Busha, and some heartfelt testimonials from some of our users and staff members.

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Michael’s Reflection:

Michael expresses his gratitude to the entire Busha community for their unwavering support throughout the years. From the early days with just 500 users to now boasting over 700k users, the growth has been tremendous.

This growth has been accompanied by continuous development and enhancements to the platform, including a significant rebrand in 2021 and the introduction of innovative features like Busha Yield and Busha Spend.

Expansion into Kenya in 2023 further solidifies Busha’s commitment to providing seamless crypto transactions across borders. Michael’s vision for Busha extends far beyond its current achievements, promising even more exciting developments in the future.

What Our Users Have to Say:

John: A dedicated crypto trader who stumbled upon Busha through a friend, John highlights the ease of withdrawing funds to his local bank account as a standout feature of the platform. He shares a memorable interaction with the CEO, who actively engages with users in the Telegram group (the community is now on Circle), demonstrating Busha’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Jessica and Jennifer: Both users express how Busha has positively impacted their financial journeys, leading to significant financial gains and enabling them to achieve various milestones, from personal purchases to helping others financially.

Reflections From The Busha Team:

Adams and Wole: With over four years of experience at Busha, Adams reflects on the learning curve and growth he has experienced, emphasizing the founders’ strong work ethic as a driving force behind the company’s success. Wole highlights his involvement in raising the company’s first funding round as a significant achievement, underscoring the collaborative and supportive culture that fosters both professional and personal growth.

Celebrating 5 Years of Busha
Wole Reflects on His Achievements at Busha

Bamise: Joining Busha with a shared passion for its ambitious vision, Bamise finds fulfilment in seeing the fruition of products like Busha Commerce and Busha Yield, knowing the dedication and hard work it took to bring them to life. Each achievement at Busha feels personal to Bamise, reflecting the deep investment and commitment of the entire team.

As we commemorate our fifth anniversary, these reflections from our leadership and community serve as a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and fostering a supportive work environment. With an eye toward the future, we remain poised to continue our journey of empowering individuals and businesses in the crypto space.

Here’s to another five years of growth, innovation, and success for Busha and our vibrant community!

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