9 Ways To Make Money Fast In 2024

The Top 9 Ways To Make Money Fast In 2024

Ebuka Mgbojikwe

Hello there! We've got you covered if you're looking for ways to increase your income and earn some extra cash in 2024. This blog post will explore the top 9 ways to make money fast in 2024. Although this is lengthy, we promise it's worth your time. So, let's dive in.

Top 9 Ways To Make Money Fast In 2024

  1. Make Money From Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps 
  2. Test User Experiences 
  3. Take Surveys Online 
  4. Drive For A Ride Hailing Company 
  5. Make Deliveries As A Dispatch Rider 
  6. Rent Out Your Home As A Short-let 
  7. Sell Your Skills As A Freelancer 
  8. Make Money From Your Blog 
  9. Become A Social Media Influencer 

1. Cryptocurrency Exchange Apps 

We are starting with this because this is our personal favourite. This section will refer to Busha, your favourite crypto exchange app. And NO, we will not be asking you to trade crypto. 😅

It is possible to make money from a crypto app without trading crypto, and it offers various opportunities, from earning passive income to getting cashback and facilitating transactions. Let's delve into how you can make money from Busha.

I. Busha Yield: Yield is a crypto savings product that allows you to earn up to 7.5% annual interest on dollar stablecoins. With Busha Yield, you can put your money to work and earn decent returns on your assets without the volatility associated with traditional cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Busha Yield:

  • Better Returns: Earn higher returns compared to traditional financial institutions.
  • Daily Interest Payments: Receive interest payouts daily into your Spot Wallet, allowing you to see your returns in real-time.
  • Flexible Withdrawals: Unlike other platforms with lock-in periods, Busha Yield allows you to redeem your subscription and withdraw your assets anytime to your Spot Wallet with no limits.
  • Secure and Reliable: Enjoy secure fund transfers and asset management with 24/7 live support to guide you through every step.

II. Spend and Cashback Rewards: When you use the spend feature on Busha to buy airtime or data, you will receive 2% cash back on purchases. And enjoy additional savings and rewards while spending on everyday essentials.

III. Buying and Selling Cryptocurrencies: Use Busha to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, capitalising on price fluctuations and generating profits. As cryptocurrency prices rise, you can buy low and sell high to maximise investment returns.

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To get started, sign up online through the ride-hailing company's website or mobile app

2. Test User Experiences

Testing user experiences on websites and apps involves providing feedback on their usability, functionality, and overall user experience. Companies and developers rely on feedback from real users to identify any issues or areas for improvement before launching their products to the public. In summary, you are paid to participate in surveys, usability tests, market research, and user interviews. While helping make the world's best products and websites better.

Platforms for Testing include UserTesting, Userlytics, Userfeel, TryMyUI, uTest, UserCrowd, and Respondent.

What's Required?

To become a website or app tester, you typically need a stable internet connection, a computer or smartphone, and the ability to articulate your thoughts clearly. Some platforms may require you to complete a sample test or provide demographic information to match you with relevant testing opportunities.

How Much Can You Make?

Earnings from testing websites and apps can vary depending on the platform, the test's length, and the task's complexity. While some tests may pay as little as $10 for a short session, others can offer higher payouts, especially for longer or more specialised tests. With dedication and consistency, you can earn a decent income by testing websites and apps regularly.

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3. Take surveys online

Taking surveys online is a popular and convenient way to make money from the comfort of your own home. With various websites offering paid surveys, individuals can earn extra cash, gift cards, or other rewards by sharing their opinions on different topics. Let's explore some of the top websites that pay for surveys and how you can get started:

Websites That Pay for Surveys include Ipsos iSay, LifePoints, YouGov, PrizeRebel, Harris Poll, Rewards1, Surveytime, and OneOpinion.

Getting Started: To start taking surveys online, sign up for the survey websites that interest you. Provide accurate demographic information to increase your chances of receiving survey invitations relevant to your interests and background. Then, regularly check your email or the survey website for available surveys and complete them to earn rewards.

4. Drive for a Ride-Hailing Company

Driving for a ride-hailing company such as Bolt, Uber, InDriver, or Rida can be a flexible and lucrative way to make money on your terms. With the freedom to set your schedule and be your boss, driving for a ride-hailing company offers numerous benefits. 

Benefits of Driving for a Ride-Hailing Company:

  1. Make Money When You Want
  2. Make Money on Your Terms
  3. Let the App Lead the Way

How to Get Started:

  1. Hit the Road: To get started, sign up online through the ride-hailing company's website or mobile app. To create an account, you must provide basic information, such as your valid email address and cell phone number.
  2. Check Driving Requirements: Before hitting the road, you must check the driving requirements specific to your region. Requirements may vary depending on your city or country, so the ride-hailing company will guide you on what's needed to become a driver.

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5. Make Deliveries As A Dispatch Rider 

Becoming a dispatch rider and making deliveries can be a lucrative and flexible way to earn money in Nigeria. Dispatch riders are crucial in transporting goods and parcels from one location to another, providing valuable services to businesses and individuals. Let's explore how you can make deliveries as a dispatch rider.

How to Make Deliveries as a Dispatch Rider

  1. Register with Delivery Platforms: Dispatch riders can register with platforms like Glovo, Chowdeck or Jumia Food to access customer delivery requests. These platforms provide a convenient way for dispatch riders to connect with clients and fulfil delivery orders.
  2. Connect with Clients: In addition to delivery platforms, dispatch riders can connect with clients through the Dispatch Riders Hub Nigeria. This marketplace allows dispatch riders to find potential customers and secure delivery contracts.

Benefits of Being a Dispatch Rider:

  1. Flexibility: One of the primary benefits of being a dispatch rider is flexibility. Dispatch riders can choose their working hours and schedules, allowing them to balance work with other commitments or responsibilities.
  2. Income Potential: With the opportunity to earn a competitive monthly income and additional income from delivery charges, dispatch riders have the potential to achieve financial stability and security.
  3. Job Opportunities: The demand for delivery services continues to grow, creating ample job opportunities for dispatch riders across various industries. Whether delivering food, groceries, documents, or parcels, reliable and efficient delivery services are always needed.

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6. Rent Out Your Home As A Short-let

Renting out your home as a short-term rental or listing your spare bedroom as a short-let can be an excellent way to generate extra income and maximise the use of your property. Whether you're a homeowner looking to make some extra cash or an investor seeking to optimise your rental property, short-term rentals can offer numerous benefits. 

How to Rent Out Your Home as a Shortlet or List Your Spare Bedroom:

  1. Purchase an Investment Property: If you're not planning on renting out your primary residence, consider purchasing an investment property specifically for short-term rentals.
  2. Determine Your Operating Expenses
  3. Set a Competitive Rent Price and Rental Fees
  4. Find Reliable Tenants

The Benefits of Renting Out Your Home or Spare Bedroom include generating extra income, maximising the utilisation of your property and using vacant space that would otherwise go unused. Also, renting out your property as a short-term rental can be a lucrative investment opportunity, especially in high-demand tourist destinations or areas with limited hotel accommodations. 

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7. Sell Your Skills As A Freelancer

Selling your skills as a freelancer and picking up freelance work online can be a flexible and rewarding way to earn income while leveraging your expertise and talents. Whether you're a writer, designer, programmer, marketer, or any other type of professional, numerous online platforms connect freelancers with clients needing their services. 

How to Sell Your Skills and Pick Up Freelance Work Online:

  1. Identify Your Skills and Niche
  2. Create a Portfolio: Showcase your skills and previous work by creating a professional portfolio or website. Include examples of your best work, client testimonials, and relevant credentials to demonstrate your expertise and credibility to potential clients.
  3. Sign Up on Freelance Platforms: Join reputable freelance platforms where clients post job listings and projects for freelancers to bid on. 
  4. Search for Jobs and Submit Proposals: Browse job listings and projects on freelance platforms that match your skills and interests. 
  5. Build Relationships with Clients: Focus on delivering high-quality work and building positive relationships with clients. 
  6. Expand Your Skill Set and Network: To stay competitive in the freelance marketplace, continue learning and expanding your skill set. Use online courses, workshops, and resources to enhance your skills and keep up with industry trends.

Where to Find Freelance Jobs: Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Guru, Toptal, and PeoplePerHour.

8. Make Money From Your Blog 

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for bloggers to earn commissions by promoting products through unique links. On the other hand, display advertising involves placing ads on blog pages to earn revenue based on impressions and clicks. Bloggers commonly use these methods to monetize their content and generate income. By partnering with affiliate programs and displaying ads on your blog, you can earn commissions and advertising revenue based on the traffic and engagement your blog receives.

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9. Become A Social Media Influencer

Becoming a social media influencer offers opportunities to collaborate with brands, engage with followers, and monetise your online presence. Whether you're active on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, X, or other social media platforms, building a loyal audience and creating engaging content is key to success. Let's delve into the details of how you can become a social media influencer and monetise your online presence:

1. Building Your Brand and Audience:

  • Determine your niche or area of expertise based on your interests, passions, and skills
  • Create High-Quality Content
  • Consistency is Key

2. Monetizing Your Influence:

  • Brands often collaborate with social media influencers to promote their products or services to a target audience. As an influencer, you can partner with brands as an ambassador or content creator, earning compensation for sponsored posts, product reviews, and collaborations.
  • Advertising Revenue (YouTube): If you're a content creator on YouTube, you can monetise your channel through advertising revenue. YouTube's Partner Program allows eligible creators to earn money through ad placements based on views, watch time, and audience demographics.
  • X (formerly Twitter) Revenue: X offers a monetisation feature for verified creators. 

Conclusion On The Top 9 Ways To Make Money Fast In 2024

There you have it – 9 ways to make money fast in 2024! Whether you're looking for quick cash or long-term income streams, these opportunities can help you achieve your financial goals. Remember, success often comes from action, so don't hesitate to explore these options and see what works best for you. 

For a guaranteed way to make money quickly, we recommend signing up for Busha, and you can earn through Yield, Spend, and Connect.

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